Who we Are

Newnet Express is a registered courier service and logistics company that provides reliable, affordable, convenient and secure delivery services to businesses and individuals in Ghana. Particularly for the Ghanaian market, Newnet Express is not only partnering with enterprises to expand their reach across large geographical areas but also acting as a conduit through which these local businesses receive products from their suppliers abroad.

Since its inception, Newnet Express has been committed to improving its service delivery. This has been done by building a strong efficient team and introducing information technology solutions in order to streamline our operations process and provide customers with an enriched and perfectly optimized service delivery.

Our Mission

Build a successful courier and logistics service business by delivering excellence and value in services rendered to our clients.

Be leaders in touching lives in the localities we serve.

Our Vision

Our vision at Newnet Express is to build a courier and logistics service company that is not only the best at what we do but among the top preferred brands in Ghana and across Africa.

Our Core Values

Customer Service

Our clients always come first here at Newnet Express. This is proven consistently by exceeding client expectations through the provision of perfectly designed services that offer them guaranteed value and fulfil their needs completely.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and ethics here at Newnet Express. We do this by keeping our promises to our clients and by implementing intuitive quality assurance and security measures that ensures our team operates at the high standards we have set forth for ourselves.

Our Team

Our strength as a company lies in our team. We constantly focus on empowering and challenging them to new heights whiles building a work environment that is mutually supportive and promotes creativity. We believe this would lead to a worthwhile long term career for them as well as delivering better value to our clients.


We are constantly learning from our experiences and developing unique creative solutions that challenge conventional methods enabling us provide the unmatched services that our clients receive on a daily basis.


We are not only passionate about consistently delivering value to our clients on a daily basis, we are firmly committed to doing so with absolute excellence.