Unmatched Transport and Logistics Services

Newnet Express does not only offer a wide range of services to its clients but also, some of the best service delivery on the market. Here are the solutions we provide. Our clientelle includes small businesses, individuals, corporate offices, e-commerce businesses among others. 

Unbeatable Ocean Freight Services

Have a cargo shipment you need to ship from China to Ghana? Look no further. Newnet Express provides our clients with options that suits a wide budget range. Clients can opt for full container load (FCL) or less-than-full container load (LCL) shipment packages.This service allows you to move your cargo shipment from harbour to harbour seamlessly. We take care of all the documentation required in moving your shipment to Ghana including customs clearance upon arrival in Ghana.

Swift Air Delivery

Whether you are an importer looking to quickly move products for your business or a student looking for options to move extra luggage from China to Ghana, Newnet Express Air cargo service is what you need. This service moves packages as low as 1kg from China to Ghana. Our client's can request for ground delivery to their preferred address in Ghana for a fee. We take care of all the documentation required in moving your shipment to Ghana including customs clearance upon arrival at the airport.

Unbeatable Transport Services

Our local door to door service covers the fast, safe and secure pickup and delivery of various packages across Ghana. We offer various perfectly optimised packages that balances cost and speed all with our clients in mind. Our service offerings under this class of delivery are same day, 24 hour and 48 hour delivery services depending on service type and distance to delivery address.

Unbeatable Trucking Services

Are you looking to move your full or less-than-full container shipment from one location to another within Ghana? Newnet Express has you covered! We are able to move your shipment seamlessly to your preferred location at incomparable speeds.

Other Features

Real-Time Tracking

Newnet Express provides real-time tracking for shipments

We provide real-time delivery status tracking for all client shipments through our website. This provides our clientelle with the opportunity to journey along with their shipments through our logistics network.

Security for Cargo

We care about the security or your cargo.

This is why we have put measures in place to provide ample security for your package whiles it travels within our network.