• At the latest on the handing over of the consignment by or on behalf of the sender; the dispatch follows as soon as the infrastructure and the schedule of the individual courier allows.
  • If a delivery term should be agreed expressly and in writing, this shall commence with the acceptance of the consignment. If undeliverable, the delivery term is to be extended by one day.
  • Newnet Express is authorised – but not obliged – to open consignments for purposes of address verification or for reasons concerning the correct execution of the contractual assignment.
  • Packets may also be placed in letterboxes, where has been agreed. These packets are considered delivered when placed into the letterbox. Our liability ends with the placement of the packet into the letterbox of the designated recipient.
  • Packets, the receipt of which is rejected by the intended recipient, or which cannot be delivered for other reasons, will be returned to the sender using the same type of service requested for the original transport at the sender’s expense in accordance with the current Newnet Express price list, unless agreed to the contrary.
  • Deliveries will be made to the recipient in exchange for a signature. A delivery can only be made to the recipient’s spouse or other family members, other people also present at the recipient’s address or the recipient’s neighbours if it can be assumed under the circumstances that they are authorised to accept the delivery and if the carrier immediately informs the recipient about the shipments and the person who accepted them on the recipient’s behalf (name and address of the building resident or neighbour) by placing a delivery notice in the recipient’s mail receptacle (letter box, etc.). Delivery to other building residents or neighbours is not possible if the sender issued directions against it or if the recipient has prohibited those types of delivery with a message in text form. If a business address is given as the receiving address, the delivery will be made during conventional office hours.


  • National conveyance of items: Newnet Express carries statutory liability for the loss or damage of items. Independent of the above named restrictions of liability, the liability of Newnet Express in cases of damage or loss shall be regulated as follows: The liability for exceeding an expressly agreed delivery term for a national shipment is restricted to three times the freight cost as stipulated. If Newnet Express in the transport of an item, is liable due to a breach of a contractual obligation for damage, which ensues for reasons other than through loss or damage to the item or through the exceeding of an expressly agreed delivery term, and if it should be damage other than damage to property or personal injury, liability will also in this case be restricted to three times the amount which would be paid on the loss of the item. Newnet Express is excluded from liability – irrespective of on which legal grounds – if and as in so far the damage is caused by circumstances, which Newnet Express even when observing professional care could not avoid and the consequences of which Newnet Express could not have averted. This shall particularly apply if damage is caused through instructions from the client or his vicarious agents, also if the source of damage is one, which Newnet Express could not influence, such as force majeure, nature of the item, rioting, strike, electrical or magnetic damage to or the deletion of electrical or photographic pictures, data or recordings.
  • International transport of items: For international transport the stipulations of international agreements will apply.


  • The client is to provide all necessary documents for customs clearance. With the submittal of the necessary documents the client confirms that all declarations, export and import information are true and correct; the client is aware that the submittal of incorrect and fraudulent declarations may have legal consequences both in civil and criminal law, including confiscation and sale of the goods.
  • With the transfer of the item to the courier, Newnet Express is assigned, in as far as permitted to act as customs agent to clear the goods. Newnet Express is appointed as nominal recipient for the purpose of assigning a customs broker for performing the custom formalities. Prices for customs clearance are the listed tariff supplements as per the applicable Newnet Express price list.
  • Duties, storage costs and other costs, arising through handling by customs officials or from the non-submittal of required documentation, licenses or permits by the client or the recipient will also be invoiced to the recipient as increased customs fees and taxes, where he should assert his right for delivery of the item. If the recipient does not immediately fulfil his payment obligations the client becomes liable for these payments.


Newnet Express is authorised to collect, store and process all data assimilated in connection with its services and to forward this data to partners of (Newnet Express) also internationally – to the extent required for the providing of services. Data may also be processed in respect of further services and offers from Newnet Express. The client declares his agreement to such data collection and processing as well as the forwarding of data, particularly to public agencies or customs.



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